Surveys on foreign tourists in Gion

As a part of the ongoing project in Gion (more here), together with my students, I have conducted following three questionnaire surveys:

  • July/August 2016, 27 questions, 260 responses
  • August 2018, 21 questions, 252 responses
  • December 2019, 13 questions, 92 responses

All surveys were managed via a dedicated survey service (Google Sheets, SurveyMonkey) and respondents answered on tablets being able to choose from the English, Chinese and Korean version of the survey.

Students conducting survey in Gion, August 2018

The first two surveys (2016, 2018) were almost identical with most of the questions being included in both years. The questions focused on the behaviour of the tourists (how long they stay or where they go) and their views of the Gion. The results (frequencies and shares) for the 2018 survey can be found on this link.

The most recent survey was much smaller in scale and was conducted as a part of the “Increasing awareness and education of tourists on the manners in the Gion South District” campaign. This campaign was a collaborative effort of the government (the ministry and its body responsible for tourism in the region – Kinki District Transport Bureau), local government (Kyoto city government), and the local community (Gion South District Council). Our survey focused on the awareness of the manners and tourists views of local manners. The main results can be found on this link.

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