I am currently working on two projects.

Europeans in Japan Project

The first project is related to my long-term research on Europeans living in Japan. I have started this project in 2008 as a research on Slovaks and Czechs living in Japan for my Master thesis. This has been later developed into a doctoral research project focused on Europeans, and particularly conceptualization of their migration, the role of whiteness and cosmopolitanism. The doctoral thesis provided the base for my first monograph (find out more about the book here).

Currently, the project focuses on the choice of staying or leaving Japan. You can find more about the current project, as well as as general information on the research background and some results on a dedicated site.

Gion and tourism Project

The second research project focuses on the over-tourism in Gion and how the local community copes with the increasing numbers of visitors. I have been involved in the local community since 2016 and attending the local council monthly meetings since. My students are involved in this project as well and you can find out more on a dedicated site.

You can explore academic outputs (papers, books, book chapter, presentations) and also read most of them at the following sites

  • Research profile & activities in English at the Researchgate ,
  • Research profile & activities in Japanese at the researchmap